Dunes Beach House - sand dunes    

"A visit to PEI and the Dunes Beach House promises a memorable visual and emotional experience you may never forget."

— a recent guest

Dunes Beach House - Penderosa Beach


Enjoy the beauty of the scenic landscapes of Prince Edward Island from our custom built luxury beach home located in the village of Darnley on the north shore.

From here, visitors will take home memories of red and white sand beaches, majestic dunes, stunning seascapes and spectacular sunsets.

Canada SelectThis house has earned Canada Select’s coveted four star rating and is proudly offered for your enjoyment as one of the finest lodgings on the island. The Dunes Beach House is also a Quality Incentive Program property - it exemplifies the superior level of quality and cleanliness which visitors to PEI have come to expect.


Canada’s Little Secret - About the Island
Dunes Beach House - dunes and oceanIn the morning fog the fishing boats seem to sleep on their watery bed before awakening to the adventures of the day. In early summer, violet and pink lupines burst into blossom in waves along the roadsides. Along the north shore nearly every bend in the road reveals a glimpse of the magnificent Gulf of St. Lawrence, a secluded cove or meandering river. There is no place on this Canadian Prince more than ten miles from the sea. This unique Canadian island is well known for its stunning color schemes, white and red sand beaches that stretch for miles, red clay cliffs hugging the shorelines, sparkling blue waters, Kelly green meadows of grass and fields of freshly tilled umber soil.
Sunset on Prince Edward IslandThe appeal of this part of the island is its seclusion and invitation for discovery, while still having close proximity to all of the best activities. Remember it is the country’s smallest province. Here, when the sun goes down, the night life is the ocean waves, the sea wind swaying the dune grass and the night birds dancing just above the water. Here the sunsets are nothing less than stunning. It’s as if the sun saves its best closing for this tiny island.